Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hire a Buyer's Agent When Shopping Homes for Sale in Grand Junction Colorado

Are you shopping the homes for sale in Grand Junction, Colorado? When you find the kind of home you want are you hoping to be served and not sold? This is an interesting question, and it is one that the National Association of Realtors says you should consider.

Essentially, this nationally recognized group states that you should work with a qualified real estate professional no matter what, and that when you do it is likely that you won't be "sold" a home but rather have your needs and wishes will be well "served" by the professional realtor.

One specific kind of professional is a "buyer's agent", and this is definitely someone to work with when you are scouting around the different homes for sale in Grand Junction, Colorado. They are going to do a lot more than walk you through the purchasing process, and they can often steer you away from the homes for sale in Grand Junction, Colorado that don't fit your needs, and point you towards properties that are more suited to your established "wish list".

Just consider that a buyer's agent may have a long list of duties, but all of them have the same general goal - to ensure that the client (buyer) is dealt with ethically and honestly. What you can expect from an agent includes:
  • ·      They bring listings to your attention if they meet your specifications;
  • ·      They help you with the entire pre-qualification process to eliminate wasted time;
  • ·      They accompany you to viewings if you wish;
  • ·      They negotiate for you or help you with a negotiation strategy, and
  • ·      They offer experienced guidance throughout the entire process.

Ultimately, a buyer's agent is a good form of protection and a great resource when buying a house in Colorado.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

What to Watch for When You Buy a Home in Grand Junction

       Are you making plans to shop for and to buy a home in Grand Junction this year? If so, you probably already have a sort of "wish list" in addition to such details as maximum pricing, preferred location, etc.

      Does that list include things like trendy bathrooms or kitchens? If it doesn't, you may be missing out on a big opportunity. Why? It is not widely known by people looking to buy a home in Grand Junction (or anywhere else for that matter) that many homeowners look to bump up the value of the home just before selling it. 

      How do they do it? They invest in upgrades or update that yield the highest turn around or profit. What rooms or projects yield higher returns? The kitchen and the bathroom. This means that anyone who wants to buy a home in Grand Junction can actually say that they'd like to see a newer kitchen or bathroom in addition to any other preferences. 
     Of course, in addition to inquiring about trendy bathrooms or kitchens for their esthetic appeal and value, you must also recognize the savings that such updates might provide. As an example, one of the new trends in bathrooms is to update or even build the room without the traditional tub. Instead, contemporary trends are revealing a tendency towards high efficiency and specialized shower stalls. These updates also tend to have an impact on other systems in the home. For instance, the trend in kitchen and bath updates also means that a lot of homeowners are installing hot water on demand units. This too is a money saver over the long run. So, if you are drawing up a wish list of things you want in a home, don't forget that bathroom and kitchen updates are entirely realistic. 

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